New largest stone fruit processing line in the world

Production capacity of almost one million kilos of fruit in a daily processing shift and a saving of 15-20% in labor costs, the line is the largest and most automated line dedicated to fruit in the world. of bone (per daily productive capacity).

A sample of the features and cutting-edge technology. The installation covers all the processing phases: from the entry of the fruit into the plant through continuous cycle dumpers, through washing/treatment, optical classification by color, shape, interior and exterior quality, until reaching packaging. in baskets or boxes with alveoli, packaging labeling, palletizing and strapping, with complete product traceability.

Among the installed technologies, unique in the world in terms of production capacity, flexibility and level of automation, the following stand out:

  • The optical calibrator, installed in the 21 classification lines. Thanks to an operating system based on 9 video cameras per line and its own artificial vision software, which is entirely based on artificial intelligence; It is capable of selecting the external and internal quality of the fruits, carrying out a classification of the products without precedent in the sector; indispensable technology that makes possible the efficiency of the entire rest of the plant.
  • The innovative fruit transportation system using cups, installed in the calibrators, allows all different types of fruit to be processed (when specific models are generally used for each variety).

What characterizes this plant is, therefore, its extraordinary flexibility. In fact, it is possible to process up to four types of fruit simultaneously, with the possibility of choosing between two processing options depending on the ripening point of the fruit, detected precisely by the cameras:

  1. Allocate the fruits, totally or partially, directly to the packaging phase, passing through the packaging lines and then automatically to the palletizers; O well
  2. Allocate the fruits (or a part of them) to an automatic filling system for pre-calibrated product bins to store them in cold rooms and use them later depending on the customer’s needs, completing the final phase of the preparation.

All of this is done in a fully automated manner: in fact, the processing flows of the different types of fruit are managed by a centralized supervision system, programmed and controlled by a single operator.

The facility allows processing: nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums, Paraguayans, apples and Rocha pears (with a specific line at the feeding point with dippers and respective water channels to ensure maximum delicacy).