From its origins, Grupo Català has always been involved in social care and environmental responsibility. This effort has been carried out by all members of the team.

This strategy is used as a tool to improve quality, social development and a deep respect for the environment.

Starting in 2013, there was a change in Grupo Català’s strategy, in order to have a better approach to the new sustainability principles.

We have launched a new model based on respect for the environment and greater economic performance with the aim of reducing pesticide residues.

The goal is to achieve RESIDUE 0 as possible and to be more demanding than current EU policies.


Installations and varieties


Environment risks


Efficiency, priorities, weight control


Traceability, I+D+I

Competitive advance

Brand, added value

Grupo Català is aware of the environmental responsibility of its activities and products, therefore it undertakes to guarantee compliance with current environmental legislation and apply the necessary measures to avoid pollution, minimize the generation of waste and make responsible use of the energy and material resources.

Promote environmental awareness and training among all group companies with the aim of improving the environmental conditions of our surroundings.