Domingo Català

Founder of Catalá Group, was born in La Portella (LLEIDA)
1950 he created Domingo Català S.A. and the first Packhouse of the company.


The Catalá Group is a family company dedicated to the production and distribution of stone and pome fruit since 1950.

Currently, the Catalá Group has a total plant surface area of 140,000m2, with a cooling capacity of 50,000 tons, spread over the centres at La Portella, Mérida, Villena, Torrefarrera, Tenerife, Badajoz and Les Mees (France).

With a total of 2,500 hectares of farmland spread across Spain and France, our estimated production is 155 million kg of apricots, peaches, nectarines, saturn peaches, flat peaches, cherries, plums, pears, apples and persimmons.

Our fruit can be sent from any of our centres to any destination in the world throughout the whole year. We currently export to destinations such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Poland, France, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Algeria, China, Australia, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates.