The corporate commitment requires compliance with the principles of prevention, collaboration and ethical responsibility in the implementation of the strategy.

For this, there is a circular system of achieving objectives, allowing to achieve sustainable production and value creation.

According to the social commitment of the company, based on equity, promotes training and employment that enable personal and collective development.

Social action is performed on people involved in the productive areas of the company, in addition to fulfilling the goals of progressive, prevention, savings and improvements that are required for sustainable production.

Job creation

In fulfillment of corporate social commitment to meet the needs of labor in production, promotes professional groups at risk of social exclusion.


long-term unemployed, elderly women and immigrant communities.


areas and workplaces. Training of crews and rotation of tasks.

Psychosocial Measures

fragmentation of tasks, joint responsibility and supervision.


Accompanying the creation of jobs, including measures of social development for the realization of the groups with the most difficulties.

Foreign language courses.

Training courses, food handling, pesticide applicators.