The apple, Malus genus and the Rosaceae family, is one of the most cultivated fruit in the world. most apples come from apple species M. domestica or hybrids of it.

The apple is the fruit of apple-tree of the Rosaceae family. This family includes more than 2,000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees distributed in temperate regions worldwide.

Major European fruit, and Rose, belong to this family. You could say that the apple cultivation is as old as the humanity, being the apple the fruit tree cultivated worldwide.


Medium calibre. Round shape, very regular. Orangey-red skin. Presents quite thick grooves, with a variable intensity depending in the weather conditions.
Medium calibre, round and homogeneus shape. Green althogh fruits exposed to the sun are pinkish.
Medium calibre. Long shape. Bright red colour. In normal conditions the colour is uniform with smooth grooves.
Medium calibre .Round shape. Red until the Summer season. In the crop it mantains the surface coloured but with darker shades.
Medium calibre. Rounded, regular and homogeneous shape. Totally green. In the fruits more exposed to the sun it can turn pinkish.

Nutritional properties

Composition per 100 g

Calories (KCAL) - 40
Carbohydrate (G) - 11,7
Fiber (G) - 1,7
Potassium (MG) - 99
Magnesium (MG) - 5
Provitamin A (MCG) - 4
Vitamin C (MG) - 3
Vitamin E (MG) - 0.5