The word nectarine comes from ‘nectar’ due to its tasty flavor. Nectarine has been cultivated for a long time. It was known in England since the end of the 16th century and for reasons not very well known it was absent from the European markets for a long time. Currently its consumption has been increasing thanks to France, the United Kingdom and Germany, where its consumption has increased.

Nectarine is a round fruit, with juicy meat, with stone, similar to peaches. Its skin is not hairy but smooth like that of the plum and can be consumed without peeling or peeling. The harvest time for nectarine is during the month of May in the Northern Hemisphere, although it can be found in the markets throughout the year since it is cultivated in many countries of the world.

Nectarine is one of the fleshy fruits with the highest content of vitamin B3. This vitamin participates in the metabolism of nutrients, promoting the degradation of cholesterol and therefore, helps to reduce the level in the blood.


Variety colour in the fruits that goes from dark red to bright red practicaly covering the whole surface. The rest of the fruit is orangey-yellow. The pulp is yellow, firm and consistent; with a fine texture very juicy, and slightly acid. The fruits are oval, rounded and quite regular. With an excellent presentation, firm and good tasty quality; although calibres can variate, they are homogeneous.
Thick to very thick calibre. Oblong and regular shape. Red skin with a yellow base. Yellow, firm and juicy pulp with a very good tasty quality. Stone-free.
Medium quality, quite regular. Rounded shape sometimes oblong. Orangey-yellow skin with a red base. Shiny in most of its surface. With characteristic decoloration in some parts. Very firm yellow pulp. Juicy crocant and with a medium to good tasty quality.Stone-free.
Pink-redish fruits practicaly in the whole surface, over a green base.It has a firm pulp, with good consistence although it gets soft when ripe. Its white, but near the stone it is redish. Smooth and juicy texture. The shape of the fruits can variate; from round or slightly oval to ellipse and quite regular.
Thick calibre. Round shape and regular. Very dark red skin, over a yellow base. Yellow pulp, hard, firm, juicy and crocant. Sub-acid with a sweet taste.
Medium to thick calibre. Round shape and regular. Very dark, red bright skin with lenticels. Bright Yellow pulp, firm,very juicy , crocant and sweet.
Medium or thick calibre. Oblong regular shape. It has a uniform, shiny red-garnet colour.Yellow pulp, firm, very juicy and good tasty quality. Stone-free.
Medium to big calibre, oblong, 100% bright colour red. Crispy yellow pulp, sweet, slightly acid, very juicy with a very good tasty quality.
Thick to quite thick calibre. Oblong shape, adherent stone. Red over a white creamy base. White and very sweet meat.
Medium to thick calibre. Quite regular, rounded shape. Intense red skin with lenticels. Shiny in great part of its surface. Yellow pulp, very firm, juicy and good tasty quality. Loose stone.
Thick calibre. Round and regular shape. Dark, bright red skin. Bright yellow, firm, juicy and crocant pulp. Very aromatic and slightly sweet.
Medium or thick calibre, quite regular. Rounded shape, nearly oval. Orangey-yellow skin; nearly all covered with a brigh garnet. Not fragil to friction or cracks. White pulp, very firm but loses this condition when ripe.Juicy, sweet, good tasty quality. Adherent stone.
Medium to thick calibre, quite regular, rounded shape sometimes oblong. Light yellow skin with an intense red base. Shiny almost in the whole surface. Very firm yellow pulp, juicy and good tasty quality. Adherent stone.
Medium calibre. Round or oblong shape. Bright red. Very sweet,. Presents high sugar levels.
Medium calibre. Round, oblong shape. Shiny red skin. White pulp. Loose stone. Very sweet, due to its high sugar levels.

Nutritional properties

Composition per 100 g

Calories (KCAL) - 37
Carbohydrate (G) - 9
Fiber (G) - 1,4
Potassium (MG) - 140
Magnesium (MG) - 9
Provitamin A (MCG) - 17
Vitamin C (MG) - 8
Lodine (MG) - 3