Grupo Català, a journey towards efficiency

Grupo Català, one of the main producers and distributors of stone and pip fruit, relied on Robotics, a specialist in the design and implementation of solutions for time management and access control, to increase the efficiency of the work time management of your workers in access to your facilities.

The problem faced by the HR managers at Grupo Català was knowing the hours worked. As Josep Catalá points out, “in the beginning, we had no way of knowing, for sure, the hours worked by each employee and in what they had dedicated those hours. We had to guide ourselves with the parts of those responsible for each department, and always by written paper, which we had to transcribe, with the consequent loss of efficiency ”.

VisualTime has not only automated this process, but has also made it easier for Grupo Català to calculate the hours worked, minimizing errors and obtaining more information. “Not only have we managed to reduce human errors in the preparation of payroll, but we have also streamlined the process thanks to the better planning we do with VisualTime,” says the company’s CDO. This has also allowed the HR managers of Grupo Català to dedicate more time to tasks with greater added value.

The control of more than 1,000 Cost Centers, a priority for Grupo Catalá
“In the agricultural sector, any penny is important, a badly managed penny can imply huge losses, even having an impact in millions of euros”, explains Josep Catalá Prats.

For this reason, Grupo Catalá seeks to take a leap forward in managing its business through more efficient cost control. Its objective is to have a 360º view of the integral management of your business, not only monitoring all costs but also being able to allocate them to each cost center; and as a consequence, have complete control over the profitability of their operations.

Robotics’ response was its Cost Control solution, which provides Grupo Catalá’s HR managers with the most accurate personnel cost data by cost center, as well as informing and monitoring internal productivity between different centers.

In the first phase, Grupo Català implemented this solution in one of its warehouses and the result has been a great success, both in terms of control and the efficiency of business processes. Josep Catalá affirms that “the implementation of the Cost Control solution is working very satisfactorily. It is matching us with the payroll department and we hope it will be very useful. It is the only way we have in the plant to obtain that detail of information. It is the ideal solution to see which factories have more direct and indirect costs ”.

Thanks to Robotics’ HR management software, Grupo Català knows its current cost structure more and more in detail, which allows it to sell in line with the real costs of operations without having to wait until the end of the year to see it in the balance sheet.