Grupo Català among the 75 Spanish SMEs with the most future projection

London Stock Exchange Group has produced a report highlighting the 1,000 most “inspiring” European small and medium-sized companies. Only 75 are Spanish.

23 million small and medium-sized companies coexist in the European Union. Of these, a thousand have been selected in the aforementioned study. They all meet strict requirements: positive growth over the last three years compared to other companies in their sector in each of the countries, a firm commitment to job creation.

On average, these 1,000 companies have grown 71% annually during the last three years. One hundred of them were able to shoot their results above 400%. Regarding job creation, the selected companies increased their staffing, on average, by 66% over the past two years. In addition, these companies add more than 4,000 patents and trademark registrations.

Among the 75 Spanish companies that appear in the list: