Mercadona made purchases in Lleida for 171 million in 2014

Mercadona has made purchases from Lleida-based or Lleida-based suppliers for 171 million euros, which has allowed it to market more than 69 million kilograms of fruit from companies such as Grupo Català.

In Lleida, Mercadona has 12 stores and a team of 529 people, and last year it opened a store in the city and generated 33 jobs, the company chaired by Juan Roig reported in a statement this Thursday.

Likewise, the supermarket chain has distributed among its workers in Lleida a premium of 1.9 million euros for objectives during 2014.

In the whole of Catalonia, Mercadona’s purchases reached 3,349 million euros in 2014 due to its commercial relationship with 1,832 Catalan SMEs that employ 34,368 people.