Grupo Català sponsors the Enduro team

From Grupo Català we enter the world of motor, specifically in the motorcycle industry, its history, motorcycles, and especially, all those pioneers who formed the basis of one of the most brilliant industries in the country and forged a hobby unbreakable for the two wheels that still persists today.

Because beyond the big brands that achieved great international prestige (Bultaco, Montesa, OSSA, Derbi, Beta, Gas Gas), there are not so many who know that the Catalan geography has hosted more than a hundred and a half motorcycle factories . Big and small, most of them born from the hands of great entrepreneurs who, in a very difficult time and with little means, gave the shape of a motorcycle to their illusions.

In tribute, we want to be within the world of Off-Road, and we will sponsor our riders in the most prestigious Enduro events in our territory. We can also enjoy them in events such as BR1 (Bassella Race), Benimoto Day and Pascuet Off Road.