Grupo Català sponsor Club Basquet Secà Sant Pere

C.B. Secà Sant-Pere Lleida is the fruit of the union of multiple wills, of the illusions of the great majority of basketball fans. There is a renewed sentiment that we expect to share with a maximum of people.

Positive people are the ones who fall, get up, shake off, heal from scrapes, smile at life and say:


The Juanjo Garra pavilion, located at the Nou Vial of the N-230 road from Secà de Sant Pere i Balàfia, to Lleida, was inaugurated on December 14, 2013 and is the municipal sports hall of the Secà de Sant Pere i de Balàfia neighborhood .

The name of our pavelló is the record that the city of Lleida has dedicated to l’excel • lent muntanyenc Lleidatà, transferred to the month of May 2013 to Dhaulagiri, l’Himàlaia.

Here is his name, located on the plaque at the entrance of the building, it remembers how Juanjo Garra always shared both the Lleidatans and Lleidatanes the values ​​and the experiences with what he turns from each expedition. The seu llegat ens remembers that the sport is education and the pavelló that carries the seu nom will contribute in great measure to transmetre the values ​​of the sport, especially for the youngest: l’esperit solidari, the constància and the commitment of Juanjo with the people of Lleida and of l’esport.

The fins for pavelló Municipal Poliesportiu Olímpics de Lleida, named for the pavelló between 2011 and 2013, will be inaugurated on March 2011 and will have a constructed area of ​​4065.16 m2: underground plant (2,387.36 m2), ground floor ( 1,084.40 m2) and first floor (593.40 m2).