Extremadura plums returns to Brazil

The Brazilian authorities have sent the Ministry of Agriculture their approval of the proposed plum crop management plan.

Therefore, Afruex, the Extremaduran stone fruit association, hopes that in the next season it will be able to be exported to this very important market and that it caused so much damage to the fruit growing of the region with its closure last June 2020.

This entire process has concluded after intense work by Afruex along with Fepex, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Extremadura. A visit by the Brazilian inspectors was carried out last November, obtaining a favorable verdict and therefore the approval of the management system proposed by the authorities in an intense negotiation.

The Brazilian market for Extremaduran plums represents a turnover of more than € 30 million, which represents about 10% of the total turnover of the sector. The next steps are the formalization of the protocol and the opening in the cexveg of the plum work plan for Brazil. Afruex, on behalf of all its associates, including Grupo Català with its representatives from the El Escobar facilities, reopens a market for the future of farmers and workers in the region, creating wealth and employment in these difficult times.