Dry port in Villena

Grupo Català, responsible for Los Frutales, is also committed to the Puerto Seco in Villena
The mayor and councilors for Agriculture and Industry meet with Grupo Català, an important fruit-growing company that exports to all parts of the world

The Dry Port project and the logistics node associated with the Mediterranean Corridor in Villena continues to gain strength and gain support from the main international companies in our environment.

This same week, the political leaders of our city visited the facilities of the Català Group, in the well-known farm of ‘Los Frutales’, to make this project known to a company that is one of the main producers of pome and stone fruit at the national level.

“It is important to make the Dry Port project known to companies of the caliber of Grupo Català so that they can also make it their own since it is something for the entire city from which the companies with the highest volume of exports will benefit”, highlighted the Mayor, Fulgencio Cerdán.

Along with Cerdán attended by the mayor of Agriculture, Paco Iniesta, and the mayor of Industry, Javier Martínez, who were able to see the operation of a leading company managed by the third generation, since its inception in 1950. The political leaders were received by the Director from the Grupo Català, Domingo Catalá, and by the head of the company, Francisco García.

“We have personally conveyed our full support for the Dry Port and Logistics Zone project for Villena since it would be a very important economic, functional and employment booster, not only in the short and medium term, but above all for the next generations, for the future. of our city ”, said Catalá.

From Villena to the world
The company currently has its own production of 2,500 hectares distributed between Spain and France thanks to which it produces more than 100,000,000 kilos of fruit annually. The Català Group has 8 production centers in Catalonia, Extremadura, the Canary Islands and Los Alpes (France), in addition to its warehouse in Villena on the ‘Los Frutales’ farm.

The location of the Dry Port in Villena can greatly benefit companies such as Grupo Català that work with the main distribution chains in Spain and Europe. At an international level, this company from Villena exports to countries in the Middle East, North America, South America and Africa.

In Villena, in the short term, an important investment is foreseen at the level of modernization of machinery in warehouses as well as a significant increase in planting with the aim of increasing production in the field and thus ensuring the business project in our city in the long term.