Brunilda. The new premium benchmark brand

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There are fruits and fruits. And then there are those special fruits. Those that connect us with nature and move us directly to the garden. Brunhilda is like that, fresh and direct. Authentic like everything that is from the field. A brand that is inspired by what our family has always done. Plant with your hands, prune, see how it grows. Look at the sky to know if it is going to rain, get angry if it does it at the wrong time. According. Because if something has Brunilda it is character. That is why things are as they are and are said as is. Close and honest. Real fruit, hearty, that takes care of its environment and people. Responsible fruit, because it grows under the responsibility of those who love what they do.

Fruit that, every day, takes you to the orchard.


Finca de los Pirineos – High altitude apples – At this point, who would use pesticides?

Our Height Apples grow best from 1,000 meters. That is why, a few years ago, we started to grow them in this corner of the Pyrenees. A quiet place, in which we receive few visits and in which, perhaps, the weather is not the friendliest in the world. But it is what our trees need to grow extraordinary apples with only organic nutrients and pure air and water. And it is that, at this point, who would think of using pesticides?


Champs des Alpes – High quality apples – Sun here, cold there… Et voilà!

During the day they have all the sunshine and light of Provence, and at night they cool off in the air coming down from the Alps. And with that little bit from here and there, and that much of our savoir faire, the Brunilda apples are born at our Champs des Alpes Estate. So richly, with views that you would like. That is why they are so balanced, with that taste of quality that takes away the sense. Et voilà!