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Our traceability system is a tool able to trace any data from Field to Shelf.

Software we work with, allow us to manage all of the different steps in the production process.
Field Book Management. HESPERIDES
Farm management. TOOL AGRO
Commercial management. LIBRA ERP
Traceability management by lot: TRACE-IT

Our system is also very versatile, allowing us to adapt the software to any specific needing depending of our customer´s or our own demand.

Traceability in the packhouse

When fruit reach the packhouse, we register all lots by farm and date/time of harvest.

This information is saved digitally when fruit is ready to reach the packing line by creating packing lots. This will permit us to trace the origin of all our products.

We use for this process, latest generaton hardware, avoiding any possible human mistake. All our products are codified with EAN-128 following latest codification standards.

Actions against any potential problem

Our traceability system has specific tools which allow us to locate any destination of our products in case of having any potential problem at destination.

We are able to locate all process from field to shelf including all information recorded in the packing process.